24/7 Alarm Protection from Samsung Communications Centre

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24/7 Alarm Monitoring Protection

Samsung Communication Centre are experts in designing and installing security systems and CCTV surveillance systems that will best suit your needs. Whether you are looking to get extra security for your home, business, office, gym, school or industrial building we have the security system for you.

When looking into any type of security, a ASIAL Certified Security Alarm Monitoring System is very cost effective. No need for costly security guards patrolling every hour. We have an eye in the sky with 24/7 security and surveillance. We can help you with any size home or business and design a surveillance system tailored to meet your needs.

Alarm Monitoring Service

Our alarm monitoring service is quick and detailed communication between your security system and central station of your security provider. Your security control panel registers the disruption and sends a signal to the monitoring centre. From there the next line of communication will be alerted.

Samsung Communications Centre are offering an amazing special offer providing a comprehensive range of Alarm Monitoring Solutions from as little as $20 a month.*

We don't just stop at supplying and installing your system. We  have  so much more to offer. This includes:

  • Technical phone support during business hours,
  • 24/7 Nationwide patrol, guard and response services
  • Calls to the control room are answered promptly by operators
  • Operations are designed to accommodate the needs of each individual customer.

What to Expect from Samsung Communications Centre Alarm Monitoring

The samsung Communications Alarm Monitoring Centre is a certified Grade A1 Monitoring Centre, ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Ltd) has for some years operated a grading scheme for Alarm Monitoring Centres. This is a well-respected system of independent inspections that check compliance with Australian Standard 2201,2,2004.

For more information on a 24/7 Alarm or Alarm Monitoring you can browse our security options or contact us for a quote.