5 Tips to Improve VoIP Call Quality

Q. When you are using VoIP especially for your business, what is the main factor that differentiates you from your competitors? 

A. Voice quality during the calls. 
If users can hear clear voice reception with absolutely no disruption, choppiness, echo, jitters, or any other interference, your users will have a good experience. That will assist you in building a strong customer base with both recurring sales and new ones. So if your businesss is primarily utilising VoIP technology, what can you do to improve the quality of your service?

Improve Your VoIP Phone Calls


1. Jitters

Your voice data is sent through your network in packets. These packets are organised in a chronological order. But when there is a network congestion or improper queue of these packets, it can cause delays. If you have an error in your configuration, that too might contribute to these delays. 

2. VoIP Phones

For making a voice call over internet protocol, you need a phone that has the perfect frequency. Phones with more frequency produce more interference. Here at Samsung we offer a wide range of VoIp phones for your home or business.

3. Routers

Routers play a very important role in the quality of your VoIP call. Using a typical router for making your VoIP business calls can end in disruptions. Because a typical router don’t differentiate between voice data and normal data. Instead you should use a router that prioritises VoIP traffic over other data. Before buying a router don’t forget to check if the router has a feature called Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). SIP is a good factor for VoIP solutions. It sends and receives data more reliably.

4. Headsets

While making a voice call, headsets are an important thing to watch out for besides VoIP phones. The headsets that are cheap and obsolete come with thin and poorly insulated cables. These types of cables deteriorates audio clarity. So if you are planning to use VoIP technology for your business, always buy headsets with short cables that are properly insulated.

5. Limiting bandwidth use and using a compression software

The higher the bandwidth, the better the quality of your voice calls. It’s as simple as that. So choose a bandwidth with a higher contention ratio. Apart from that there are some common things that you can follow to free up your bandwidth when needed. See if any download is running while you are on the phone. Pause the downloads, reduce the number of items that are running on the background of your computer, and stop the automatic backup programs or file transfer. The idea is to keep the IP and your PC free so that all the performance can be put into the voice call.
More and more businesses are using VoIP solutions for their obvious benefits, and if you already using it, it is worth the money to enhance the technology.

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