Benefits of VoIP - Why switch to VoIP?

Benfits of VOIP

At Samsung Communications Centre, we are proud of our reputation as one of the Australia's leading business telephone systems providers. Samsung's VoIP range is specifically designed for business users, making businesses more efficient, collaborative and agile. 

With advanced yet intuitive features and functionality, Samsung VoIP solutions meet your needs, delivering enhanced productivity, streamlined operations and reliable communications. If your company is considering switching to a VoIP solution, there are countless benefits to explore. 

VoIP Business Telephone Systems

What is VoIP

You may have heard the word VoIP being used for the last few years, what it actually stands for is Voice over Internet Protocol. Translated simply, it means being able to talk over the Internet instead of traditional communication platforms. 

VoIP has gained its popularity due to the commercialisation of the technology and the use by big brands such as Skype. After the mass market introduction of VoIP in the early 2000's, full service VoIP conversation became commonplace and eventually started to become standard in large technology companies. 

How can VoIP improve my business?

VoIP is not just for large companies or technology focused businesses. There are many benefits for SMB's in almost any industry that require a telephone system. VoIP system can significantly reduce cost whilst increasing efficiency. (See more information about VoIP efficiency)

VoIP isn't just limited to phone calls, it has grown into an overall solution commonly known as unified communications. Unified communications includes phone calls, faxes, voice mail, web collaboration and more that can be delivered over IP. VoIP technologies are ever changing and bringing benefits to businesses all over the world. 

What VoIP business telephone systems are available?

Samsung is one of the leading developers of complete VoIP systems and as an Australian reseller Samsung Communications Centre has the best VoIP products for your business. The following is a selection of products and systems that can increase the efficiency:

  • Complete Business Telephone Systems: These allow you to make more than just phone calls. You can fax, use voice over IP, integrate with Outlook or your CRM and much more. There are systems suitable for corporate, M-L, SMB and more. 


  • VoIP Handsets: VoIP handsets can let your staff use phones remotly. These include Samsung Multimedia Phones, Wireless IP Phones and Softphones. 


  • Ethernet Switches: Essential to enabling VoIP phones they can also power your IP phones decreasing clutter of power cords. 

From more information contact us or visit our VoIP products pages. 

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