CCTV, Digital Video Recorders and Network Video Recorders

Storage and viewing options for CCTV footage from your security cameras

CCTV systems and security cameras have improved in size, quality and value since their earlier inception. The old video tape for recording footage has long been replaced with the DVR Recorder or the NVR Recorder, and homes, businesses and schools are quickly taking advantage of these major advances in technology. 

With DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) or NVRs (Network Video Recorders) replacing video tape systems, it makes recording and viewing footage within your CCTV systems more reliable and easier to record and store. It is also cheaper as you don't have the expense of buying multiple video tapes and having to store them. The modern DVRs and NVRs store data immediately to your computer's hard drive, or on your network for immediate viewing either online or through a local network. You can then perform a back up of this footage to store it easily and cost effectively for future viewing.

Samsung CCTV Communications Centre DVR and NVR

How to choose the best DVR / NVR?

Much of your decisions of what DVR / NVR  to select for your needs, relies heavily on what you want to use it for. For example you need to consider the following:

  • Premises type - school, business or personal use
  • Your location and access to suitable technology infrastructure
  • Size of business and size of premises, which will dictate the number of security cameras required for your CCTV system
  • Budget - can you afford a top of the range CCTV system or should you start off small and work up to a higher quality system.
  • Existing data cabling or fibre optic cabling
  • Your business clientele and what CCTV system you think you need to suit your clientele. For example a retail store will require the running of more security cameras than an office with only staff entering the premises.

All of these factors dictate the type of security cameras, and CCTV systems that you require which then in turn impacts the DVR Recorder or NVR Recorder that you will need to implement to suit your security needs.

Your ultimate choice will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • How many cameras do you want to connect to the system?
  • Is your security situation commercial or residential and retail or office based?

Comparing video recording rates to your hard drive storage should factor into your decisions as well. You will need to ensure that you have enough storage space to record video at the rate and resolution required and then allow for storage of that footage.

For most businesses, a low recording rate is sufficient to meet their recording needs. However if there is a need for increased security; and you need each camera to record at its highest resolution and the maximum frames per second, you will need to consider a DVR Recorder that has a high recording rate and an appropriate hard drive storage capacity.

DVR Recorders

Samsung Communications Centre offers a complete range of DVR recorders (Digital Video Recorder). Our high performance Digital Video Recorder (DVR recorder) are designed to provide high quality images while conserving storage network resources.

There are 2 types of Security DVR Recorder to consider and they are a standalone DVR Recorder and pc-based DVR Recorder.

PC-Based DVR Recorder

PC-based DVRs are equipped with 4, 8, 12, 16 or 32 camera inputs and convert analogue signals to digital signals to allow them to be easily compressed and shared. From there you can store images on a computer, and easily search and retrieve footage as required.

A benefit of PC-based DVR Recorder is that you can expand the number of cameras that you have connected by adding additional DVR cards to your computer.

Standalone DVR Recorder

Standalone DVR Recorders are generally more suitable for use in home security, because they enable real time monitoring and viewing of footage. You can also control the images with a remote.

Samsung Communications Centre offers Value Series of DVR Recorders and Commercial Series of DVR Recorders with the associated software to support these. These extraordinary, highly reliable Samsung DVR recorders provide unparalleled scalability to fulfill your extended CCTV surveillance needs.

NVR Recorder

Network video recorders (NVR Recorder) differ from digital video recorders (DVR Recorders). Their input is different in that an NVR Recorder stores footage to a network rather than a direct connection to a video capture card or tuner. Video on a DVR Recorder is encoded and processed at the DVR Recorder, whilst video on an NVR Recorder is encoded and processed at the camera, then streamed to the NVR Recorder for storage and remote viewing.

Samsung Communications Centre offers a complete range of DVR Recorders (Digital Video Recorders) and NVR Recorders (Network Video Recorders). Our high performance DVR recorders and NVR recorders are designed to provide high quality images while conserving storage network resources.

Contact Samsung Communication Centre today regarding CCTV Systems, security cameras, DVR Recorder or NVR Recorder Solutions and find out how we can assist your CCTV surveillance, storage and security needs.