CCTV Security Camera Packages Can Save You Time and Money

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Factors to consider for CCTV Security

There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing CCTV to suit your specific business needs. These factors include things like where your business is located, the type of premises that you operate, property size, existing infrastructure or need for the installation of new infrastructure, your business growth expectations, available funds, expected return on investment, existing data cabling, your typical client type, insurance requirements, etc. These all can govern what security cameras and CCTV systems that should be installed to ensure that you have adequate coverage for your security needs.

Generally, if you want reliable CCTV security system monitoring, you will need to also implement a reliable back to base alarm monitoring system. An alarm monitoring solution usually connects your security cameras and CCTV surveillance systems to allow successful security monitoring and a quick response should an issue arise.

Ideal CCTV solutions for homeowners or small businesses

Larger businesses or corporations tend to purchase and install individual CCTV solutions, whereas homeowners or smaller businesses tend to go for an easier to install and quick solution to meet their needs. That is where an easy to install and pre-configured security camera package works best.
Analogue CCTV cameras are usually an easier option to install because they do not need to be configured or require specific technical skills and network knowledge from the installer.

CCTV camera package that suits me best

It really depends on your living/office setup, whether you have merchandise or stock to protect, whether you have both internal and external monitoring requirements, a warehouse, the number of access points of doors that you have such and doors, windows, gates, number of rooms, cash registers or point of sale systems that you want to monitor.

CCTV solutions to suit businesses

Larger businesses tend to go for the installation of IP based CCTV cameras and security systems which do require networking skills from the installer.
Generally a business will need to protect and put under surveillance more than just its entry points and exit points. There are other things that need to be protected from theft such as offices containing confidential or important information, cash registers or tills, stock and merchandise display and storage, etc. Some businesses monitor the behaviour of their employees and customers, so all of these items may need to be monitored and recorded for future reference.

When considering what package works best, small businesses may get away with a 4 camera security solution, but for larger businesses or corporations, and the majority of medium and large businesses, starting with at least an 8 channel CCTV package or 16 camera CCTV package would be recommended. If you install too many cameras, a worst case scenario would be that you have a camera installed in area that is not as essential as others. In this case, it is better to be over protected than under. At the very least, by having a lot of CCTV cameras positioned around your premises it will hopefully deter unacceptable behaviour and deter criminal activity.

You may also want to install CCTV surveillance coverage in areas such as a kitchen or lunch room where accidents can sometimes occur. If these are being monitored at least you can review them should a staff member or customer attempt to submit a claim against the company so that the truth can be accessed easily.

If you have and queries or need help selecting the CCTV system that suits you best just let us know as we would be happy to assist!