Choosing the Best VoIP Solutions and VoIP Provider Australia

Step 1: Choosing your VoIP Phone

Firstly, you need to choose your VoIP phones such as the Top-of-the-line Executive VoIP Phone HandsetAdvanced Executive VoIP Phone Handset, Corporate Handset VoIP Phone Enabled, Mid-Level Office Handset - VoIP Enabled, Mid-Level Office VoIP Phone Administration Handset , or the Morderate-Level VoIP Phone Office Handset - VoIP Enabled.

For complete product information and accessories, visit Samsung SMT VoIP page or contact Samsung Communications Centre.

choosing your voip provider AustraliaUsually you will set these up by installing a functional VoIP Business Telephone System, which is configured to suit your needs. Samsung Communications Centre not only can offer reliable and professional VoIP Business Telephone System installation but as a leading VoIP provider, it also provides a great range of VoIP Business Telephone Solutions. Some examples of Samsung's Business Telephone Systems are: 


Step 2:  Setting up your VoIP Business Telephone System

Samsung Communications Centre can also assist you with your Business Telephone System Installation such as your VoIP Business Telephone System or VoIP Corporate Telephone System. Contact us for advice on your business telephone system installation.


Step 3:  Once you have set up your VoIP Business Telephone System you need to decide on a VoIP Provider to service your communications needs.

So how do you choose the Best Business VoIP Provider for Your Needs? There are many VoIP providers in Australia, so how do you choose the VoIP provider to suit your needs? Here we provide some basic tips to assist you in choosing your VoIP Provider:

  1. Check your Internet connection/bandwidth to ensure that you have sufficient Internet speed (your current internet provider should be able to assist you with this).
  2. Set your Budget but make sure that you allow for all of your service needs and also for busines growth down the track.
  3. Shop around and compare the offerings of VoIP providers, Australia wide.
  4. See who can offer you the best service package for your budget - remember that the cheapest may not be the best to suit your needs.
  5. Compare companies, available features, and their reliability by reading consumer reviews.

Additionally, below we have provided some typical questions to ask your new VoIP provider to determine if they are a suitable VoIP provider that will suit your needs:

  • Can you provide details of the installation costs for VoIP business telephone system?
  • What timing should I expect between ordering and installation?
  • Can you provide the recurring costs for ongoing VoIP Business Telephone Systems operating costs?
  • Can I port phone numbers across to my new VoIP Business Telephone System?
  • What costs are involved in porting phones across to my new VoIP Business Telephone System?
  • Can I add additional numbers to my VoIP service?
  • Is there a contract and a contract term that I need to sign for VoIP services?
  • Are there cancellation fees for cancelling my VoIP service prior to the expiry of my contract?
  • What is the cancelation process for cancelling a VoIP service?
  • Can you detail any hidden fees that are not outlined in your plan?
  • What VoIP features are included, and what features will incur an additional cost?
  • Can I call Interstate and International numbers on my VoIP Business Telephone System?
  • What is your SLA and what level of support is provided?
  • Is there a cost for VoIP support services?

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If in doubt, Samsung Communications Centre can assist you to make a decision on a reliable VoIP provider. Contact Samsung Communications Centre for information and advice on VoIP Business Telephone Systems or VoIP handsets and suitable VoIP providers Australia