Freedom in Communication with Wireless Headsets/Cordless Headsets

Wireless Headsets Connect You To The Outside World

You're basically tethered to your computer when you're wearing a wired or corded headset. Did you know that you can still work comfortably and effectively and not be tied to your desk, and even better still, you can enjoy the best there is in wireless technology to provide you with clarity and quality in your day to day communications.

Wireless Headsets or Cordless Headsets are all about flexibility and simplicity and being able to access the world beyond the desktop. The future of communications is geared towards the use of HD Wideband Sound which provides clear, crisp, pure and comfortable sound quality. The HD Wireless Headset provides the highest level of HD sound and therefore allows the clear capture of voice as well as the important subtleties of music and other audio files.

Features of Wireless Headsets / Cordless Headsets

Boasting unrivalled features in HD Wireless Headsets technology such as:

  • HIGH DEFINITION (HD) WIDEBAND SOUND - Providing Excellent Voice Quality with 150Hz - 8KHz Audio bandwidth using Wideband and IP telephony.
  • LARGE ERGONOMIC AND INTUITIVE COLOUR TOUCHSCREEN - User friendly Touchscreen provides visual feedback on all call controls and settings. No buttons or mechanical switches on the base unit means that you can easily control every call. 3.5” 320 x 240 resolution.
  • DUAL CONNECTIVITY - Easily Switch from Phone to PC Audio. Desk-phone and PC/USB.
  • WIRELESS RANGE - Flexibility to move away from your desk while on a call. Up to 150m in a standard office environment (over 200m line-of-site).
  • LONGEST TALK TIME - Your headset battery will last all day with 13+ hours talk time in narrowband mode and 9+ hours talk time in wideband mode.
  • BATTERY RECHARGE TIME - Fast Battery Recharge. 0% - 50%: 1 hour and 0% - 100%: 2 hours.
  • TALK AND CHARGE - No battery downtime and no need for extra base stations or chargers. Simultaneously talk on one HD Wireless headset while charging another.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CONVERTIBLE HEADSET - Designed for comfort with a 22 g ear hook and 44 g headband.
  • NOISE-CANCELLING HEADSET MICROPHONE -  Minimises background noise so that your voice is transmitted clearly. The boom length has been designed to boost the performance of the noise-cancelling headset microphone and enhance wind noise reduction.
  • PROVEN ACOUSTIC SHOCK PROTECTION - Total Protection from Acoustic Shock caused by sudden and unexpected loud noises and high pitched sounds. Uses Sonaron™ Patented Shriek Rejection™ Software
  • NOISE EXPOSURE PROTECTION - Protects you from long term exposure to loud noise with a configurable decibel limit.
  • ADDED PROTECTION IN THE HEADSET - Additional protection exclusive to Polaris wireless headsets and wideband acoustic limiter housed within the headset.
  • MULTI-UNIT CONFERENCING - Easily conduct conference calls or wireless training.
  • TOUCH PAIRING - Hassle-free and effortless pairing to provide instant headset recognition.
  • DECT TECHNOLOGY - DECT Technology (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications).
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - Easy to set up on any hardware or application.
  • SAFETY & COMPLIANCE - Assurance that the HD Wireless Headset meets the relevant safety standards.
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY - Longest Warranty for a wireless headset



So why not unleash your staff and set them free to work more effectively with the freedom to move around the office as they work. Switch to HD wireless headsets now by contacting Samsung Communications Centre today.

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