How to Set Up a Reliable Network for a Wireless Enterprise

Setting Up Wireless Access Points Controllers to Enable A Reliable Wireless Enterprise

A wireless network with multiple wireless access points is not a thing of the future. Almost all serious businesses operate as a wireless enterprise these days and connect multiple devices through wireless access points and a wireless access controller.

Consumer-grade wireless access points can be reasonable easy to install but they are purpose-built for home usage and for easy installation by the general home user.

An enterprise wireless network is not so easy to install. Unfortunately it is not a matter of simply adding more wireless access points to cater for larger quantities of users. A home network is much simpler to run and have less stress placed on its usage than a business grade wireless network setup. With more users comes more security issues and greater stress on the performance of the network.

So what steps do you put in place to set up a Business Grade Wireless Enterprise

The following is a quick help guide to assist you in planning and setting up a reliable wireless enterprise which suitably addresses the requirements of your business and your resourcing requirements.

Undertake a Business Site Survey and Needs Analysis

Assess What Materials Your Building is Constructed From

Plan The Wireless Range That You Want Covered

How Do I Manage Multiple Wireless Access Points?

Wireless networks are not a thing of the future and are expected in a modern workplace today so that you can ensure efficient and effective productivity for employees.

You need a reliable and robust wireless network and one that suffers very little down time or connectivity issues. Nothing is more frustrating than a wireless network that has no wireless access because it is overloaded or is not stable. So contact the experts in this industry at Samsung Communications Centre and ensure that you implement and set up your wireless enterprise to scale for your needs now and into the future.