How Wireless Access Points are Revolutionising Businesses

Over the last decade wireless access points (WAP’s) have come a long way. When first launched wireless or Wi-Fi was an experimental technology at best, unstable, not fully regulated or standardized, many wireless drivers not supported.  

Setting up wireless networks was more experimentation than an exact science. Today that has all changed, wireless access points have “grown up”, the wireless market has matured and worked out all its kinks and nuances.

Wireless access points have the ability to talk and coordinate with other access points, auto change channels and power on the fly, broadcast multiple SSID’s on multiple radio’s, provide gigabit speeds, and more.  This has paved the way for businesses to adopt them and rely on them for day to day operations.  

Wireless offers business countless benefits, however at the forefront is the flexibility they gain from it.  Wireless makes traveling from office to office seamless for mobile workers. Additionally, business have been able to save huge amounts of money from cabling every time an office moves or is rearranged.  
Traditionally every time a desk was moved a new network cable would need to be run to connect to the network, with Wi-Fi this is no longer necessary. Another way this has changed businesses is for guests and visitors. Traditionally when a business had clients come to their office there was the problem of getting their device connected to the network, then the risk of ensuring their computer was secure.  
Today businesses can have a “guest” wireless network that is complete separate from their internal network, and a simple password can be given to visitors to connect. 
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