Introducing New Samsung Beyond Series Video Surveillance Cameras

As technology improves, the role of video surveillance cameras is evolving, and as such, it is important to keep up with what the current market is demanding. In its efforts to ensure that it meets this market demand, and that customers gain maximum benefit from their video surveillance products, Samsung has introduced a new series of functional and robust video surveillance equipment.
Samsung Beyond Series

What is Beyond Series?

The new Beyond 1280H series of analogue cameras and DVRs has been introduced to support the many CCTV users who demand a cost effective solution, and to extend the life of their existing analogue systems. It is inevitable with the advancements in technology, the future will lead to widespread adoption of video over IP as it is becoming more accessible and cost effective, but in the meantime, there are countless existing analogue CCTV systems which are working satisfactorily and do not need conversion to video over IP just yet.
Whilst conversion to video over IP is not necessary at this stage for some end-users, they may need to upgrade to identification grade images which their existing analogue cameras cannot deliver. As such, the new Beyond series is fully interoperable with current, existing and legacy analogue systems and is designed to provide quality images across a range of robust environments.
Samsung has also introduced new high performance 4, 8 and 16 channel Beyond DVRs which can simultaneously record the extremely high quality 1000 TV lines images in real time across all their channels.

Beyond Series Benefits

One of the most important aspects of any camera is to create the best possible and clearest images, regardless of inclement weather conditions and other impacting environmental factors. The new 1280H Beyond Series cameras from Samsung deliver outstanding image quality even in challenging lighting and weather conditions. This series of cameras promises to deliver a great return on investment with exceptional quality images. This is turn maximises and enhances the level of security at your surveillance camera location.
These new models are designed to offer surveillance camera solutions across a wide range of applications and environments from offices, retail stores, schools, hospitals, warehouses, to more even challenging environments such as airports, ports, transport facilities, car parks and town centres.
The Samsung Beyond series is equipped with:
CMOS megapixel (MP) sensors
120dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
Samsung Super Dynamic Range (SSDR)
Samsung Digital Noise Reduction (SSNR4) to reduce motion blur and provide enhanced noise reduction
Defog functionality for clear images in blurry and cloudy conditions.  
24 privacy masking zones
Intelligent video analytics 
Fixed/moving object detection, tracking and counting 
and much more....
The Samsung Beyond 1280H camera line-up includes:
SCB-5003 WDR box camera; 
SCB-5000 box camera; 
SCD-5083 WDR dome camera; 
SCD-5080 dome camera; 
SCV-5083 WDR vandal-resistant dome camera; 
SCV-5080 vandal resistant dome camera; 
SCD-5083R WDR IR dome camera; and 
SCV-5083R WDR vandal resistant IR dome camera.
The Samsung Beyond DVR line-up includes:
4 channel SRD-476D;
8 channel SRD-876D; and
16 channel SRD-1676D. 
New to the Beyond DVR line-up of surveillance cameras is the 16 channel SRD-1656D. This offers the ability for real-time recording of CIF quality images and de-interlace support on each channel ensures the sharp, accurate display of still images.
With a single channel audio output, the Beyond DVRs offer the flexibility to separately configure each of their channels to make best use of the available storage capacity by enabling users to set the specific image quality/resolution required for each camera location. 
With the exception of the 4 channel SRD-476D which has a single internal HDD, the Beyond series of DVRs each has four internal SATA HDDs and provides the option for extra video storage via two external SATA ports.
Samsung had made their cameras with the customer in mind by offering friendly and user-orientated graphics to allow effective analysis and ease of business. Customers are also able to access their surveillance management system remotely or via a smartphone. A built-in web viewer also offers the user enhanced compatibility via a range of browsers including Chrome, Explorer and Safari.
Samsung has listened to the surveillance product market and produced a user friendly quality product that works for businesses and helps to make their life easy.
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View the full range of Samsung CCTV cameras and DVRs or watch a video clip below. 

 Samsung Beyond Series Video