Keeping Your Business or School Secure with CCTV Systems?

CCTV systems for keeping your Business or School Safe and Secure

In today's world, society in general does not have the same respect and consideration for other people's property as they did in the past. No longer do we have the harsh penalties such as getting sent to an island prison for stealing a loaf of bread. So people take more risks because there is little consequence for their actions. Therefore damage and theft of properties is on the rise and business owners are left footing the bill.

As we all work hard for the "things" we have, and the "businesses" that we build, the importance of keeping your business or school site secure is vital. We cannot afford to suffer massive damage or loss to our livelihood and school funding is limited for repair and replacement. Therefore we need to ensure adequate security measures and appropriate security cameras are put in place for protection.

Whilst business and school security definitely includes the use of  CCTV cameras and CCTV surveillance systems, there are also some other important protective measures that you can put in place to secure your business or school premises.

There are many consequences of not planning your business or school security well. Samsung Communications Centre Brisbane understands that security and CCTV Systems are critical to business success and therefore has provided a list of protective measures that you may need to consider when preparing your risk management plan and implementing CCTV systems as part of your business or school security system.

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School and Business CCTV Systems

There are many options for CCTV surveillance systems that you can choose to keep your school or business secure. CCTV is an essential security measure for some businesses and schools and should be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Your location, premises type, size of property, current infrastructure, budget, existing data cabling or fibre optic cabling, clientele, insurance requirements, etc will dictate the type of security cameras and CCTV systems that you require to implement to be adequate for your security needs.

In general, for reliable monitoring of your CCTV security, it is wise to install a back to base alarm monitoring system which is connected your security cameras and CCTV Surveillance System. Some of the things that you need  to consider when setting up security cameras and CCTV systems are:

  • CCTV Security Cameras - There is a wide range of security cameras to choose from, and all of the factors mentioned above will dictate your need for quality, quantity and placement of your security cameras. You will need to consider:

    • if you require indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, or both
    • the lighting where the cameras will be placed
    • the need for motion sensing security cameras
    • the need for CCTV Surveillance to monitor tough environments or vandalism resistant security cameras
    • the distance and clarity of the images being recorded
    • the number of cameras you will need
    • the mobility of the viewing angles required.
  • DVR Recorder or NVR Recorder - When you have established what CCTV security cameras you need, you will need to consider how you want to receive your CCTV camera footage. You can set up your security cameras so that they store images into a DVR Recorder or an NVR Recorder, depending on your preference for image resolution.
  • Monitoring Equipment for CCTV Surveillance Systems - So you have all this great footage. Next you will need to determine how you want to view the footage from your security cameras and CCTV system. This will largely be decided on what your surveillance needs are. For example, if you operate a large corporation or a school with multiple cameras capturing footage across various locations, you will probably want several monitors set up to view the footage across these areas. Therefore you will have security cameras feeding footage into one location on multiple screens at once.  If you operate an SME, or if your premises is securely locked up and not operational at the end of the day, you could potentially feed into one monitor or a computer with the option of switching camera views.
  • Alarm Monitoring - to ensure effective surveillance and security, alarm monitoring solutions can be deployed into your business. Security systems with alarm monitoring services are designed to maintain your business's integrity and to ensure that someone is on call and monitoring your security system even when you are not present. Every industry has unique risks that they face, and this varies from business to business, location to location and industry to industry. At Samsung Communications Centre, we are experts in designing and installing security systems to cover virtually every area of risk across all locations so that you can be assured of peace of mind. You can set up Alarm Monitoring for your business or school where it ensures the monitoring of security alarms, video images and other communications transmitted across a growing number of communications platforms including:  
    • Alarm dialler lines
    • Superpoll
    • Polled / backed up GSM
    • Permaconn GPRS
    • Direct wireless GPRS / GSM
    • CCTV systems
    • Wireless IP (Internet)
  • Alarm Monitoring Inclusions - there are a variety of alarm monitoring services, but at Samsung Communication Centre our standard alarm monitoring services include:
    • Technical Support by phone during business hours
    • 24/7 Nationwide Patrol, Response & Guard Services
    • Specific and tailored services to meet the needs of customers
    • Prompt answering of calls to the control room
    • Customer support to enhance business growth
    • All customers are treated with respect. We believe in partnerships, NOT competition with our customers
  • Lighting - When setting up your security cameras and CCTV systems, there it is pointless to plan and budget for an amazing CCTV system with an excellent monitoring solution if you do not have proper lighting to capture quality footage. Good lighting serves two purposes, if you have a well let premises both indoor and outdoor, even after hours, it will assist in keeping intruders at bay and reduce theft and vandalism. And secondly, it will provide clear footage that is easily viewable if you don’t have night vision security cameras installed. Adequate lighting in your business or school premises also helps to keep your students and employees safe.

At Samsung Communications Centre Brisbane, we offer a team of skilled and experienced CCTV security professionals who can provide advice, supply, install and maintain your security cameras and CCTV security systems and ensure that they are operating appropriately and to meet your specific business needs. If you need CCTV Cameras and CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems then make Samsung your preferred provider.

Contact Samsung regarding CCTV Systems today and find out how we can assist your CCTV surveillance and security needs.