Make Your Office Cordless Using Samsung Wireless Access Points

Create a Cordless Computer Network Using Wireless Access Points

Management of your business communications and network capabilities has increasingly become an important topic for all businesses. With the extensive utilisation of smart phones for day to day business, social interaction, online searching, email, shopping online, research, and the list goes on.

It is expected in today's technological world that Wi-Fi is readily available for use both socially and in the business environment.  The world of the Internet has reached the point that everyone can connect everywhere and anytime they want, and what's more, they expect it!

So gone are the days of having to hard wire cables via a ceiling or concealed inside walls to deliver network communications in an office environment. With the creation of the wireless access point network users are able to add additional devices or users to the network without the need for additional cables. This is done wirelessly using a wireless access point and allows easy and flexible business network connection.

What is a Wireless Access Point?

wireless access points enable a wireless enterprise for your businessIn computer networking terms, a wireless access point is a Wi-Fi device that allows wireless devices to connect to a computer network without the need for hard cables.

Before the days of wireless networks, and setting up wireless access points to operate a computer network in a business, home or school, many cables were required to deliver computer networking services and provide connectivity for an office environment.

A wireless access point generally will connect to a wired Ethernet connection which then provides wireless connections to that computer network using radio frequency links. Using a wireless access point for office communications enhances location capabilities and enables a higher level of user engagement across your business entity. Modern Wireless Access Points are able to offer higher throughput, higher capacity, and less interference, whilst still able to provide easy and reliable management.

What is a WLAN Manager?

The Samsung Samsung WLAN Manager (WEM) is designed to monitor wireless access points (APs) and access point controllers (APCs), to make sure that users get the most effective and user friendly outcome from their business computer network. Download the latest Samsung Smart WLAN Solution brochure.

The WLAN Manager offers a very efficient wireless infrastructure management tool which also includes the AP connection port control for AP failure or remote AP reboot through its integrated user interface. The Samsung WLAN Manager offers state of the art advances in intelligent routing and Smart WiFi which results in the ability to offer one of the best WLAN products and technology on the market today.

Wireless Enterprise

Wireless Access Points provide an effective solution for business environments by enabling you to operate as a wireless enterprise. Contact Samsung Communications Centre today and find out more on the latest release Samsung Wireless Access Points.