More Australians are Using CCTV for Security

What is CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television)

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a television system in which signals are not distributed to the public, but are monitored mainly by security and surveillance. CCTV is based on the strategic location of the camera, and examination of the camera’s input on controls. More and more Australians are using CCTV due to various reasons, so it is a good idea to educate ourselves about the technology that are becoming common in many Australians household, and also business premises.

When thinking about CCTV or security cameras, many still have the image of old CCTV systems with small, low-resolution black and white monitors without interactive capabilities. Unsurprisingly though, current CCTV systems are colored, comes with high-resolution display and may include the option to keep track of something (or someone) among its features.
To secure your business premise or your home, you probably need to look for ways to ensure that your facilities are safe from theft, threats and unauthorized access. Commercial CCTV systems can help you get the tranquility you seek for, providing the ability to monitor your entire premise through cameras that are strategically located in and around the building. This help to protect your assets and help to repel any potential assailants.

What Does CCTV System Do?

With CCTV video surveillance, cameras will be placed in and around your premise (depending how many are installed), transmitting images back to the monitor for you to view. This can help identify anybody who trespass or simply be viewed again should a crime occurs. We can't be at all places at once, thus a video surveillance system can be your eyes and ears to monitor different areas in real time. This definitely helps in increasing security and abling you to detect anything unsual or dangerous to prevent intrusion, theft, or any other illegal activities.

Advantages of CCTV System

  • Prevent crime: This is the largest and most distinct advantage of installing a security camera. Once installed, you can see its effect on people almost immediately. Even if it is installed discreetly, you get to feel a sense of security which is invaluable.
  • Monitor events and activities: It is very easy to work with surveillance camera systems because they can be placed anywhere - provided that there is a power source nearby. They come in all shapes and sizes; some are small enough to be hidden in plants, photo frames, to name a few. Depending on your needs, you can opt for hidden cameras or mountable ones.
  • Collect evidence: Security cameras that are placed strategically are very useful to capture any incidents that could be used as evidence for legal purposes. Current surveillance cameras are not only equipped with a high-resolution video capability, but also with sound.
  • Resolve disputes: Security camera footage can help you make a fair and equitable decision for resolving disputes. Whether the situation involves disagreements within family, employees, or between customer and service personnel; doubts can rest with the help of surveillance camera. False or invalid statements can be solved with footage from security cameras.

Disadvantages of CCTV System

  • Privacy: There have been several cases in the past where security cameras have been controversial - for example there is an instant where employees are opposed to being continuously monitored without their approval, and citing 'invasion of privacy' as the reason. Some have taken legal action against their employer in this regard.
  • Cost: It is a fairly an expensive affair - a CCTV system could costs hundreds, even thousands of dollars depending on features and number of cameras and control systems you prefer. Fear not though, the average price of security or surveillance cameras are dropping due to the advancement of technology. Samsung Communication Center can provide you with all the data cabling system you need when you install a CCTV system, be it for your business premise or your home.


Installing CCTV system is a no-brainer these days if you have the means to do so. The benefits far outweigh the initial cost you would be spending, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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