Network Video Recorder NVR vs Digital Video Recorder DVR

NVR Recorder or DVR Recorder for your CCTV recording needs?

When comparing security camera video recorders there are typically two options, a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or a NVR (Network Video Recorder.  Which is better all depends on the application and environment, but typically a NVR will be the better choice especially as we move into the future.

While DVR’s are a solid and proven technology, NVR’s offer all the same features with some added benefits.  With traditional DVR’s cameras are connected with analog cables, typically coax based, which limits distance from the DVR but also video quality.  NVR’s can span a nearly limitless distance through a network of switches, routers, fiber connections, additionally they offer a much higher and digital video feed.

Ease of use and configuration is another reason as to why an NVR recorder is a better choice for your video recording system.  While both systems typically offer an easy to use interface, remote access can become more difficult when working with a DVR.  IP configuration is often needed on these systems as well as some port configuration.  With NVR’s since they are already on the network and cameras already have IP addresses the remote viewing piece of this is already configured, it is simply a matter of connecting to the NVR.

Storage is one final reason NVR’s make a better choice.  While both DVR’s and NVR’s use hard drives to store and record video, the format they record in is very different.  Analog cameras (typically on DVR’s) take much more space to record a much lower quality of video.  With NVR’s IP cameras can record HD video in a very compressed format do to modern video codec’s.  This gives more storage on the same size drive. 

If you have a specific requirement and aren't sure about which option is better for your security recording requirements please contact Samsung CC to help you make a decision.