New Generation High Performance Video Surveillance Technology - WiseNet III

WiseNet III - The Wise Choice for Professionals

The WiseNet III uses advanced functions brought to you by Samsung with 1.3 and 3 megapixel cameras for high definition images. The WiseNet III cameras also encompasses many other improved features and functionality, aiding the end users security footage and performance.

Samsung WiseNet III

Unrivalled Image Quality

  • WDR (wide dynamic range) provides quality pictures in challenging lighting conditions, perfect for both indoor and outdoor CCTV locations. 
  • SSLE (Samsung Super Light Enhancer) enables clear images in low light conditions all in Full HD image.
  • Defog functionality allows a visible improvement through better image quality for foggy and smoggy circumstances. The visibility of the cameras can be enhanced in any weather condition. 
  • P-Iris technology gives more precise iris control as well as deeper in focus with the ability to capture people moving in the distance. The technology can clearly show focused images for both near and far objects.
  • Enhanced DIS (digital image stabilisation) function provides steady images through an algorithm application which minimises wobble effects.

Effective Network Transmission

  • Transfer flowing video stream via network like a movie with 3 mega pixel and 30 frames per second.
  • Multi-crop streaming transfers a cropping section to focus on a specific area from up to 9 times. The technology provides not only more effective surveillance conditions, but also minimises network load problems.

Samsung Network Products Solution

The WiseNet III cameras have been designed to be compatible with existing Samsung mobile, storage and cctv camera monitoring software. 

User Convenience

  • Advanced motion detection removes false alarms such as moving water or leaves and focuses on actual motion detection for enhanced surveillance monitoring.
  • Real time face detection cctv surveillance allows the camera to monitor faces while they are disappearing, appearing, entering and exiting within a room. WiseNet III cameras can detect up to 35 faces in the scene. 
  • Simple focus one touch focus or network remote focus is done through ABF (auto back focus) and motorised lens allows automatic and convenient ways to get a focused image.

The WiseNet III also has a multi- browser support  functionality which utilises NPAP (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface). This gives the user the ability to use a number of web browsers. Also WiseNet III cameras are easy to install as the dome cameras are pigtail and cable bundle free, yet they provide the option to plug-in cables as required.

For more information please watch this short video below on the latest WiseNet III technology. Enhance your experience and performance with the latest cutting edge technology in CCTVs with Samsung leading the way in wise choices for professionals.

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