Samsung’s VoIP Phone Systems Increase Business Productivity

Many businesses are still using old telecommunications systems that run on regular copper dial in telephone lines. This can have some dramatic effects on their efficiency, especially in a company with inbound or internal calls at their core.

With technology moving forward, Samsung has specially designed business telephone systems with VoIP capabilities and advanced software to increase productivity throughout any business.
By deploying a business telephone system such as the one of the Samsung OfiiceServ VoIP systems, you can revolutionise how your business runs its telecommunications. 
The following case "A New Telecommunications Solution Enhances Productivity and Patient Care - By Keith Szymkiw, Controller, Oakland Psychological Clinic" published by Samsung highlights the importance of not only increasing productivity with a new business telephone system but also enhance the experience of the businesses consumers.
In the resource Keith Szymkiw, Controller of Oakland Psychological Clinic said, “For some time, inefficiencies related to our telecommunications were a growing concern. We were utilizing disparate phone systems in each office, which was compromising the effectiveness of communication between staff, counselors, and patients.”
He also added, “Inbound call routing allows calls to be quickly and efficiently directed from one extension to the next if call volume is high or the receptionist is momentarily unavailable. That way a patient in need can always reach somebody.” 
There are several features that highlighted when putting the efficiency and increased productivity of the Samsung OfficeServ into context. These include:
Auto Attendant
The auto attendant feature is not only vital in ensuring your business telephone system increases productivity, but it also enhances the overall customer service experience.
When you are away from your office or phone, the auto attendant is capable of forwarding calls to your work colleagues and keeping track of important messages. This feature is easy to install. You will never miss an important call with this feature. 
Centralise Inbound Calls
Using the OfficeServ operator you can centralise inbound calls to one location even if your business operates across multiple offices.  This can increase staff efficiency and lower overall costs.
The application is accessed via a PC allowing for an easy to navigate user interface and display.  You can easily centralise calls to a mailbox using drag and drop features.
Mobile Extension Capabilities
To drive even more productivity to your business, there is the mobile extension add-on to Samsung OfficeServ business telephone systems.  The extension allows out of office workers to use their mobile phone whilst being seamlessly connected with the office. This means that any user can utilise the functionality of the OfficeServ system wherever they are located.
The report and above features are just an indication of the increased productivity deploying a Samsung Business Telephone system with VoIP capabilities in your business can achieve. 
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