Samsung introduces the Samsung Call Management Suite (CMS)

The Samsung Call Management Suite (CMS) is a fully integrated call management solution that works with your Samsung business telephone system. Here, we tell you exactly how it works and outline the powerful capabilities of this fully integrated system.

What is the Samsung Call Management Suite?
Samsung CMS allows users to totally control their whole phone systems by being able to record all telephone calls, see the status of other extensions on the networks and view historical call data. 
Other features include being able to track how quickly a member of staff answered a call, incoming and out going call peak times, how many calls you have lost and improved costs & billing. 
Is that all it can do?
The Samsung CMS includes an array of different modules that add the powerful integrated features as listed below:
Samsung CMS Contact: This is the ultimate call centre dashboard that can be displayed in on any dashboard or targets wall. Features include full analytics, automated dialing and supervisor control.
Samsung CMS Report: This module is a manager’s dream with multiple capabilities to allow efficient integration into any call centre team. Features include an overview of call traffic and costs for more than one site, if necessary and the ability to identify and correctly charge calls to departments or individuals. 
Samsung CMS Record: If you need to fully integrate your system and store calls, this module is for you. The Samsung CMS record module includes features such as storing & finding calls, full playback suite, archive abilities and the use of email encrypted recording. 

Is the Samsung Call Management Suite for me?
If you are a medium to large business such as a call centre or customer service centre the Samsung CMS is definitely for you. Together with Samsung’s business telephone systems and VoIP integration, the Samsung CMS offers extended uses. 
If your business uses enterprise mobile to operate away from the office a smartphone app allows for remote recording directly back to headquarters for added integration capabilities.
Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or would like to utilise the power of the Samsung Call Centre Suite (CMS).
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