Samsung IP CCTV and its Zero Configuration

Imagine being able to set up a whole CCTV IP security system in less than 1 minute, with Samsung Zero Configuration this is now possible. 

At the IFSEC International 2014 Samsung Techwin showcased their new features and functions of the latest z generation of WiseNetIII IP video surveillance including ero configuration.  Samsung don’t take bold statements lightly, yet the new zero configuration could go as far as to change the face of CCTV IP technology.

The open platform WiseNetIII DSP chipset cameras are open platform, giving the user a choice of combinations including video management software and video analytics for their CCTV. This type of platform offers complete freedom to the user to allow for individual requirements.
Where the zero configuration really shines is with the less than a minute set up time for NVR’s allowing for anyone to use top line security with little to no experience.
The whole family of WiseNetIII including the 1.3mp, 2mp and 3mp cameras all come with zero configuration. Although the configuration time of the new cameras factor in a great deal, it is the open source chip set that is likely to cause significant growth in sales for Samsung.  
Samsung has always been a leader in driving technology forward, and this year is going to be no different with the entire CCTV IP market leaping into the next generation of solutions. 
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