Samsung Smart Air Conditioner - Control it from virtually anywhere

[29 August 2013] Samsung’s new Samsung Smart Series TM Air Conditioners allow you to control your comfort no matter where you are as the control is literally at your fingertips.


The Samsung Smart Series Air Conditioners are fully WiFi enabled, allowing you to control the air conditioning system via your compatible AndroidTM or iOS Smartphone or Tablet PC while you are in or out of the office. In order to do this, all you need is simply download free Samsung Smart App. 


At Office

When connected to WiFi network, your compatible smartphone or tablet acts like a remote control. For example, you can turn on your air conditioner in the boardroom and adjust the temperature from your compatible smartphone while you work in the office room, so that the board room is cool before having a meeting.

Out of Office

With compatible smartphone or tablet pc, you can control your air conditioner from virtually anywhere outside your office. However, when connected out of the office, a 3G or WiFi network is required.


What can you do with the Samsung Smart Air Conditioner App: 

  • Turn your Air Conditioning unit On/Off
  • Check and adjust the temperature of the room
  • Advanced On/Off timer settings
  • Program what time you want the Air Conditioning unit to turn On/Off
  • Set day(s) of the week when the Air Conditioning unit turns On/Off
  • Pop-up reminders to clean the Air Conditioning unit filter 


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