Samsung WLAN Wireless Enterprise Solutions for Use in Schools

Create a Wireless Enterprise - Getting it Right with a Samsung WLAN Wireless Network

When it comes to making a decision about what is the right solution for a school environment there is a number of considerations that need to be taken into account as this can be a very high volume usage environment and the solution that you deploy needs to be robust, reliable and scalable.

Implementing the right wireless solution with sufficient Wireless Access Points and a reliable WLAN Controller to allow students to get the most of learning in the school environment can be difficult and often the budget is limited.  Being able to provide reliable connectivity across multiple users in a range of individual areas such as classrooms, auditoriums or libraries is key to a successful wireless enterprise school implementation.  It is also a key requirement that the wireless network offers Wi-Fi support for multimedia content streaming as this is widely utilised in schools today.

Introducing a Samsung WLAN Manager (WEM) which monitors wireless access points (APs) and wireless access point controllers (APCs), will deliver the best wireless network capabilities from the products that they implement. A WLAN Manager creates enhanced visibility, a user friendly and intuiitie user interface, effective infrastructure and remote support.

A further key consideration when designing a wireless network that has the ability to be flexible as well as robust, is its stability.  Stability is a very high up on the priority list to ensure that connectivity issues do not arise mid activity within the school environment. With Samsung, you can rest assured your school will experience enterprise-grade Wi-Fi connectivity with the quality and reliability that helps empower teachers and inspire students.

The Samsung Wireless Enterprise solutions are ideal for schools and the range of connectivity solutions, information streaming and computing initiatives that they undertake and offers a simple yet effective centralized management which is cost effective for such a high performance WLAN infrastructure.

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