Samsung's New 75" LED Smart TV

[1 May 2013] Be amongst the first to own Samsung's New 75" LED Smart TV! Here at Samsung Communications Centre, you can have it at special price! - $5,799 delivered (inc. GST)

With a Dual Core processor for responsive web browsing, Smart Hub navigation and app operations, plus S Recommendation, Voice Control and Motion Control where an accessory camera (sold separately) is used, the Samsung LED TV Series 6400 makes your search for entertainment entertaining. 





S Recommendation - Smart channel-surfing 

S Recommendation is an intelligent channel-surfing function that can be your personalised TV guide, when you cannot decide what to watch. 
By analysing your viewing history, S Recommendation can recommend you TV channels that you might like. 
It does the channel surfing for you and able to learn what you like over time, so that you can alsways have a list of TV contents such as shows, movies and sports that suit your preferences. 

Samsung Full HD Image Quality  

Samsung Full HD TVs are brimming with advanced picture tecnologies, powered by a Dual Core processor. Breathtaking images are underpinned by Clear Motionm Rate that minimises blur in fast-moving images while Micro Dimming analyses every frame that's displayed and uses a sophisticated algorithm to adjust LED edge lights for contrast levels that produce brightness and clarity in virtually every detail. 

Smart Hub  

The multiple panels of Samsung Smart Hub make it easy to search and find great content on your Samsung Smart TV. It shows you upcoming and live TV shows as well as free-to-air program suggestions the S Recommendation system has learned based on you viewing history.

The Apps panel provides catch-up TV, Foxtel on Internet TV and other great entertainment options. The Social panel allows you to share videos with FAcebook friends, and make video calls via Skype. 

Voice Control and Motion Control 

Smart Interaction system allows you to control and search your TV for content using Voice Control and Motion Control, using hand guestures (accessory camer required).

In addition, you can also log into your personalised Smart Hub panner with Facial Recognition.  

Stream favourite content to your TV... and  beyond!

AllShare lets you share contents such as movies, photos, music and other files from compatible devices without wires.

You can also use AllShare Mirroring to steam content - like a video or game, music slicp or photos - from compatible mobile devices up onto the big screen for eveyone to enjoy. 

Get Connected 

With Samsung Smart LED TV, you can connect to a wide range of media devices. Videos, photos and movies on hard drives thumb drives are handled by USP ports, while Bluetooth allows media to be streamed from compatible mobile device to the big screen. SoundShare allows you to wirelessly tranfer soundtracks from the TV to Samsung Soundbar. 

Exceptional 3D 

With Samsung Smart LED TV, you can enjoy an exceptional image in the third dimension, while the Samsung 3D TV can do the miraculous, using the clever 3D Converter feature to turn regular 2D content into 3D!