Security Cameras and CCTV for Construction Sites

Install Security Cameras and CCTV on Construction Sites to Reduce Theft and Vandalism

It is a known fact that construction sites which do not have CCTV cameras installed can be a big target for vandalism or theft and it seems that this is only on the rise!

Unfortunately construction sites have earned themselves one of the highest reported numbers of theft and damage incidents of any category which is adding a significant cost to the industry and pushing up the prices of construction work because they need to factor in a proportion of their profits to cover these costs. Because a construction site tends to sit unattended during the night they are seen as an easy target for would-be thieves.
Materials and equipment are often stolen from these sites because of poor security and lack of CCTV security cameras, and incidents of vandalism to machinery or property are also high on the list.  It is very costly to have to replace machinery, internal fittings, whitegoods, damaged walls, windows, doors, etc and the duplication of this work only delays the delivery and completion dates of each project. 
Installation of a reliable and robust CCTV surveillance system with good quality security cameras would definitely assist in the reduction of these incidents and deter would-be thieves away.
What do you need to consider when installing CCTV cameras on a construction site:
  • Location of the construction site 
  • Crime rate in the area and number of recent theft incidents 
  • The type of site that needs security camera surveillance
  • The size of the construction site
  • Lighting availability on the construction site
  • Number of points of entry 
  • Potential access points for infiltration
  • Positioning of security cameras and area that needs to be covered from each CCTV camera
  • If there is existing CCTV infrastructure in place already 
  • Site Growth expectations
  • Budget
  • Existing data cabling infrastructure
  • Installation of a 24/7 Alarm
  • Alarm monitoring services available
All of the above need to be considered to determine what security cameras and CCTV systems that should be installed to ensure that you have adequate coverage for your construction site security needs.
If you need to install a 24/7 Alarm and an alarm monitoring service contact Samsung Communications Centre where one of our friendly specialists would be more than happy to help you plan and install security cameras and CCTV systems to meet your needs.