Small Businesses Getting left behind in a world of Growing IP Telephony

In January, the Australian Communications and Media Authority released a communications report between 2012 - 2013, including Australian SME’s in the digital economy. The report outlined the use of digital services including VoIP and IP based communications. 

The report showed that 94 percent of SME’s have a fixed telephone line and only 29 percent of businesses are making the most of VoIP communications. Looking deeper into the statistics of VoIP, the ACMA found that 39 percent of these businesses were medium sized employing 20 – 199 people.
Where the gap comes in is in the small business categories with only 28 percent utilizing the power of VoIP.  Only 17 percent of SME’s reported having outsourcing for their communication needs.
Based on the report, it can be assumed that there is a greater need for SME’s especially small businesses to deploy some form of IP communications solutions. Considering the report states that SME’s make up 67 per cent of the total Australian Workforce and 57 per cent of total business income the results are surprisingly low.
VoIP suppliers like Samsung Communications Centre can help small to medium sized businesses to enter the world of IP telephony with their fully incorporated business telephone systems.
In a world of growing technology, it is time that some businesses to step out of the dark ages of old school telephony and branch into VoIP solutions.