Video Surveillance - A Security Solution for All

Technology advancement has made video surveillance or CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) as the best and most affordable security solution for businesses, warehouses, big retailers, education facilities, schools and universities and even your everyday homes in residential area.

On top of that, almost all video surveillance and CCTV these days come with IP (Internet Protocol) surveillance technology. It is a widely used surveillance system, with CCTV and security camera recording video footage and simultaneously feeding the content to an IP network.

It is a no-brainer these days for business owners, companies and house owners to invest in video surveillance in order to keep a watchful system in place, increase security measure and most importantly to prevent theft.
According to Australian Retailers Association (ARA), theft in the Australian retail sector is estimated to cost over $7.5 billion per year. Warehouses, offices, shops and all types of facilities can also prevent these issues with a proper video surveillance system.

Video Surveillance Solutions

Below are few tips on how to maximise your usage of video surveillance:
  • Strategic Location 

Your security cameras would ideally cover different areas of a building. This is to ensure that all areas are covered and blind spots are reduced. Careful with both indoor and outdoor placements, certain security systems or CCTV need dust and/or waterproof housing in order to prevent natural elements from damaging them. 
  • Camera Exposure 

Visible camera provide a clear signal to everyone that can sees it that your property is under a surveillance system - a good way to prevent potential robbery or crime from happening. There are still malicious people out there that will look blind spots, and this is when a hidden security camera comes in handy. Hidden video surveillance is very useful for warehouses, retail store, and schools. 
  • Image Quality 

The standard quality of security cameras these days is excellent. There are a variety of options as well; ranging from different lenses, zooming capabilty, and night vision. For best result, it is recommended to get the security cameras with high resolution and night vision. 
  • Confidential Access

Very few people should have access to your surveillance system. All video content from the surveillance system is strictly confidential - fall to the wrong hands and many issues can arise in your business or home.
More Australians are using CCTV or video surveillance as a great security solution for all types of businesses, including homes. You should look into upgrading your CCTV or surveillance system - if you are yet to have it, it is an affordable way to monitor your business and home safety.
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