Wireless Access Point Planning for a Well Structured Wireless Enterprise

Wireless Access Points for a well structured wireless enterprise


When setting up a wireless network there are some key factors that you need to take into consideration in your planning, including placement of wireless access points, frequency bands and network management.
It doesn’t matter whether you are setting up wireless access coverage for a small building, school, a sports stadium or a high rise building, all can be problematic.
To gain effective wireless access coverage within any of these structures it takes careful planning and the correct type of setup. You need to make careful decisions about placement of wireless access points and wireless access controllers to ensure that you do not have any dead spots.
Today's business enterprises deploy wireless networks and the application of wireless technology that are dependent on a range of different types of wireless technologies and wireless frequencies. 
Unfortunately most large enterprises or high rise buildings and facilities can suffer from a black hole from a wireless perspective as the wireless range just doesn’t cover all of the area of the structure or penetrate certain structural materials. Unfortunately wireless coverage just doesn’t happen easily every time!
Wireless coverage can be affected by the RF (radio frequency) signals being blocked by a range of structural materials where the frequency is unable to penetrate the building’s core. For more information on this see Wireless Enterprise Network and Wireless Access Points - Plan The Wireless Range That You Want Covered.
There are ways to implement infrastructure solutions to overcome a building's structural impediments and deliver robust wireless coverage. If you need advice on how Samsung Communications Centre can assist with this please contact us for advice.