When comparing security camera video recorders there are typically two options, a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or a NVR (Network Video Recorder.  Which is better all depends on the application and environment, but typically a NVR will be the better choice especially as we move into the future.

These days it's not enough to set up a simple system and think it'll get the job done. Problems – and even criminals – get more sophisticated as time goes on. When you have a building full of other people you're responsible for, you need to have the best security available. Every industry faces unique risks and challenges, and when anything can happen, you probably need alarm monitoring. Or maybe you're not a business owner – you might want alarm monitoring for your home, local school district, or something else. 

VOIP or (Voice over IP) was launched several years ago, when first launched and introduced into the market it was a new and unproven technology and users were skeptical on whether or not to switch to it.  Today that has all changed, VOIP is now a proven and stable technology with loads of new and innovative features and consumers are hard pressed to find a reason not to switch to it.

Looking at the history of CCTV in Australia it has striking similarities to that of traditional television. How it came about, where it is now, and where it is heading, the path is nearly identical to that of TV as we know it today.

Over the last decade wireless access points “WAP’s” have come a long way. When first launched wireless or Wi-Fi was an experimental technology at best, unstable, not fully regulated or standardized, many wireless drivers not supported.  

Setting up wireless networks was more experimentation than an exact science. Today that has all changed, wireless access points have “grown up” the wireless market has matured and worked out all its kinks and nuances.

Every business is different and requires various technologies to be able to run efficiently to maxmise sales, safety and productivity. Samsung products include CCTV, Surveillance Systems, VOIP, Alarm Monitoring, Wireless Access Points and more.
The above products can be combined to suit different needs. In relation to schools it is important for them to have phone systems, wireless access points and alarms but more so these days CCTV is being used to maximise security as well promoting good behaviour around campus. 

In Australia we have a range of severe weather conditions, which can impact our communications and take down business platforms if not carefully thought out and managed. 

Cyclones, floods, severe storms, storm surges and other acts of nature of this type can severely impact a business by damaging equipment and communication lines, flooding premises, hindering access to and use of an existing office space, and preventing staff from accessing their workplace. 

CCTV is important in most businesses today but a CCTV surveillance system needs to be supported by other equipment to record and store data for later retrieval.

A network video recorder (NVR) is a software program that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other mass storage device.

Some of your biggest assets will be your home and your business. These potentially will be some of the largest investments that you will ever make. So protecting them and making sure that you maximise your return on your investment by maintaining a safe and secure environment is a huge priority of many home and business owners.

Samsung Communications Centre are exhibiting at the Brisbane Home Show from 8-13 March 2016. 

If you are looking for a supplier and installer of premium Communications and Security solutions, Samsung solutions ensure quality products from a trusted brand that are supported and maintained by qualified technicians and professional staff.