It really is a “no brainer” that companies need to choose an efficient and reliable business phone system when running a successful business operation.  In today's technological world VoIP Business Telephone Systems are leading the way as they are cost effective and provide some great business benefits. When implementing a VOIP telephone system, a business owner needs to ensure that the VoIP provider that they have chosen is reliable and trustworthy in the industry and will provide them with the best advice to suit their individual business needs.

When setting up a wireless network there are some key factors that you need to take into consideration in your planning, including placement of wireless access points, frequency bands and network management.

It doesn’t matter whether you are setting up wireless access coverage for a small building, school, a sports stadium or a high rise building, all can be problematic.

When it comes to making a decision about what is the right solution for a school environment there is a number of considerations that need to be taken into account as this can be a very high volume usage environment and the solution that you deploy needs to be robust, reliable and scalable.

A wireless network with multiple wireless access points is not a thing of the future. Almost all serious businesses operate as a wireless enterprise these days and connect multiple devices through wireless access points and a wireless access controller.
Consumer-grade wireless access points can be reasonable easy to install but they are purpose-built for home usage and for easy installation by the general home user.

Unfortunately construction sites have earned themselves one of the highest reported numbers of theft and damage incidents of any category which is adding a significant cost to the industry and pushing up the prices of construction work because they need to factor in a proportion of their profits to cover these costs. Because a construction site tends to sit unattended during the night they are seen as an easy target for would-be thieves.

If you are an owner of a business or a property management company, then you may like to consider using a 24/7 alarm and alarm monitoring service to protect your business. Using a mobile patrol security service that monitors your premises through a 24/7 will benefit you. As property owner or investor you would be well aware of the inherent risks of destruction of property and theft but there are a range of reasons for appointing the services of a security firm to undertake your alarm monitoring services.

Retailing in today’s modern world can be tough and as such retailers face a number of challenges to try to make a profit and a good living. One of the biggest obstacles to retail success is theft and shoplifting and this eats massively into the profitability of a store.

Theft can be significantly reduced though through the effective use of CCTV systems using a network security camera solution such as IP security cameras teamed with a reliable NVR Recorder and alarm monitoring. By reducing the level of theft in a retail location it helps to keep prices down and creates a safer environment for staff and customers.

 As CCTV technology improves and crime rates increase, our Government and local councils recognise the extremely valuable role that CCTV can play in keeping out cities safe and secure and also to assist in reducing crime rates and addressing unruly behaviour within our community. Many of us have safety and concerns about crime and are sometimes reluctant to venture in our city centres, especially at night. This is not good for councils or local businesses, so improved CCTV surveillance aims to reduce the rate of crime and encourage more local citizens back onto the streets of the city centres.


Management of your business communications and network capabilities has increasingly become an important topic for all businesses. With the extensive utilisation of smart phones for day to day business, social interaction, online searching, email, shopping online, research, and the list goes on... 


With schoolies week almost upon us, it is time to think about the type of security that you need at this time of the year. Do you need to ramp up your CCTV surveillance around your premises? Do you need additional security camera systems installed?