Keeping yourself, your home and your business theft free and safe from intruders can be a challenge. Unfortunately crime rates continue to increase and some homes and business premises are impacted significantly as a result.

Alarm monitoring solutions have been around for some time, but as technology increases and security systems become more advanced, these are getting easier to monitor and control. With improved technology in CCTV solutions and advanced security cameras, it is getting easier to ensure safety in your home or business.

 In the corporate world today, the push for businesses to become a wireless enterprise is just getting larger and stronger by the minute. As such, Samsung is pleased to announce the release of two new wireless telephone handsets to support this market. As a leading VoIP Provider, Samsung knows what a business needs to ensure that it stays connected and utilises the best that technology can offer.


Samsung Communications Centre is pleased to announce the latest version update for the Samsung iPOLiS Mobile app - version 2.6 - is available for monitoring your security systems now.


 Are you worried about white collar crime? Or do you suspect that something is just not right in your business? Theft from internal employees is on the rise and businesses are suffering significant losses as a result.

Samsung Communications Centre would like to assist you in determining if theft is happening internally within your business and provide some tips to assist in the prevention of white collar crime within your business.


 Fibre optic cable installations are rapidly replacing copper as the standard for high speed data transfers. There are a number of factors that influence this and below we explore some of the technical details of how fibre optic cable installations work and what advantages they have over the traditional copper method for transmitting of data.


 Did you know that there were rules and regulations around the installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance systems for pubs and clubs around Brisbane?

Unfortunately where there are nightclubs, pubs and clubs, are where there is alcohol being consumed for lengthy periods of time, violence can often follow. In Brisbane, many pubs and clubs experience episodes of violence (from varying degrees) from patrons that have either consumed too much alcohol, been involved in an altercation or misunderstanding or who simply just want to start a fight for no reason at all.

 Avoidable Mistakes When Operating CCTV Surveillance Systems

Protecting your assets is unfortunately an important part of life in today's society and many thieves are getting away with criminal activities because CCTV surveillance systems are not functioning adequately.

Don't Set and Forget!

 If you need data cabling or fibre optic cable installation undertaken from an office phone installation, data network setup, or data cabling of a whole commercial or residential building contact Samsung Communications Centre today.


There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing CCTV to suit your specific business needs. These factors include things like where your business is located, the type of premises that you operate, property size, existing infrastructure or need for the installation of new infrastructure, your business growth expectations, available funds, expected return on investment, existing data cabling, your typical client type, insurance requirements, etc.


 You're basically tethered to your computer when you're wearing a wired or corded headset. Did you know that you can still work comfortably and effectively and not be tied to your desk, and even better still, you can enjoy the best there is in wireless technology to provide you with clarity and quality in your day to day communications.