At Samsung Communications Centre we have an extensive range of digital and CCTV camera systems. Choosing the right surveillance system for your home, business and school is vital. The main point, which you should keep in mind while choosing  CCTV cameras, is to determine the exact purpose of fitting the camera.


 Samsung Communications Centre introduces the new Samsung WiseNet Lite range, an affordable, compact cameras with simple yet professional features.

 Samsung Communication Centre are experts in designing and installing security systems and CCTV surveillance systems that will best suit your needs. Whether you are looking to get extra security for your home, business, office, gym, school or industrial building we have the security system for you.


Samsung Communications Centre is a leading VoIP provider in Australia and specialises in the design, installation and service of structured VoIP Cabling and Data Cable Installation that support multi-product business telecommunications networks. To support the needs of businesses in an age where technology is crucial to our operations, but yet is constantly improving and changing, Samsung Communications Centre ensures that it keeps abreast of these developments in technology and network infrastructure to ensure that up-to-date and reliable data cable installation products and techniques are utilised.


 Samsung Communications Centre is offering an unbelievable special this month for HD Wireless Headsets at only $300 ex GST each and we have stock ready for shipment today.

When upgrading your business telephone systems, the flexibility and simplicity of HD Wireless Headsets gives you the ability to access the world beyond the desktop.HD Wireless Headsets are about endless freedom when undertaking your office communications. Combining excellence in communication with the flexibility to move away from your desk whilst taking business telephone calls.

CCTV systems and security cameras have improved in size, quality and value since their earlier inception. The old video tape for recording footage has long been replaced with the DVR Recorder or the NVR Recorder, and homes, businesses and schools are quickly taking advantage of these major advances in technology. 


In today's world, society in general does not have the same respect and consideration for other people's property as they did in the past. No longer do we have the harsh penalties such as getting sent to an island prison for stealing a loaf of bread. So people take more risks because there is little consequence for their actions. Therefore damage and theft of properties is on the rise and business owners are left footing the bill.


Thank you very much to everyone who visited our stand at the 2015 EduTECH, which was held on 2-3 June at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. It was an absolute pleasure talking with our valued prospective customers from the Education industry in relation to their school surveillance, networks and communications solutions.


VoIP phones allow you as a business to combine voice, data, and video into a single, easy-to-manage service. In addition, Voip phones engage with your audience by providing cost effective collaboration with reduced communication costs so that you get a quick return on investment (ROI).

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make low cost Australian and International telephone calls using your existing high speed internet connection. By using VoIP and the Internet to make your home or business telephone calls, you can avoid the expensive costs associated with calling from your regular telephone carrier and to take advantage of the great rates that a VoIP provider can offer.


Do you need video cameras, a DVR recorder, NVR recorder, or full CCTV systems to manage security for your home or business?

With technology improving at a rapid rate, and CCTV systems being needed more and more with an increasing risk rate, there is also a need for video CCTV surveillance cameras to evolve and meet these demands.Therefore it is vital to keep your CCTV camera and CCTV camera system up to date with what the current market is demanding.