Firstly, you need to choose your VoIP phones such as the Top-of-the-line Executive VoIP Phone Handset,  Advanced Executive VoIP Phone Handset, Corporate Handset VoIP Phone Enabled, Mid-Level Office Handset - VoIP Enabled, Mid-Level Office VoIP Phone Administration Handset , or the Morderate-Level VoIP Phone Office Handset - VoIP Enabled.


 When considering data cabling Brisbane as well as your communications needs telephone systems, video, or high speed internet access, fibre optic cabling is a proven, cost effective and performance enhancing solution to suit your needs.

If you need to either deploy or upgrade a fibre optic cabling infrastructure you need to ensure that you use the expertise of a professional data cable installation company who guarantees quality and can ensure that you maximise the speed and reliability from your fibre optic data cable installation. Samsung Communications Centre has over 25 years of experience in data cabling in Brisbane and fibre optic cabling in Brisbane, offering guaranteed results.

 n today's technological world, millions of communications are generated every day by businesses as they liaise, collaborate and interact with their customers, suppliers, internal staff and other stakeholders. In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is critical to ensure that you make a great first impression as it could be the make or break of a business relationship.


 Samsung Communications Centre provides a comprehensive range of digital and IP CCTV camera and security surveillance systems for both analogue CCTV Cameras and IP network based CCTV Systems that have resulted in their deployment in major international airports, schools, organisations, government projects and industrial and commercial facilities through to small retailers and homes throughout Australia.


 Being integral to all businesses, and one of the most important services that a business may need, is their data cabling infrastructure. A reliable and flexible data cabling backbone is essential to ensure that connectivity and communications are functioning adequately, at all times, and that the infrastructure supports multiple voice, data, video, CCTV security and multimedia systems being used by a business. Samsung Communications Centre, Brisbane reveals the more frequently asked questions about VoIP Cabling and Installation, Data Cable Installation and Fibre Optic Cabling.


 VoIP or Voice over IP is quickly taking hold as most businesses are looking to save costs and provide a flexible and cost effective telecommunications service. As a leading VoIP provider Australia, Samsung Communications Centre can help you set up your home or business VoIP Business Telephone Systems.

Samsung Communicaitons Centre has produced a list of Frequently Asked Questions of VoIP Installations and Business Telephone System Installations.

 Samsung Communications Centre is proud to announce that it will be supporting the 2015 EduTECH which is the Southern Hemisphere's largest education technical expo by hosting a varied range of security, communications and display equipment to assist expo attendees in making informed decisions on their business and school technology needs. In 2015, Samsung Communications Centre will be displaying the latest technology in CCTV, Security Systems, Access Control, Security and Alarm Monitoring, Facial Recognition, TVs, Phone Systems and other communication solutions which are aimed to suit the education market.


 If so, is the system an IP NVR (Network Video Recorder) Solution? Or does it still use analogue cameras that record to a DVR Recorder (Digital Video Recorder)? IP video surveillance systems have been around for over 10 years and are now the standard surveillance system within the security industry. 

 Setting up a business can be daunting at the best of times. When selecting business equipment to create your business communication infrastructure, you need to firstly take into consideration the type, size and the layout of your business. You must consider where you will be located e.g. one site or multiple sites, if you need an intercom, server rack requirements, home office setup, how you intend to communicate internally and with your clients, do you need to hook up to television systems, alarms or audio visual equipment, and if you need security and video surveillance monitoring or not.


Why not unleash more productivity in your office with premium wireless headsets that assist you to do business more efficiently?

Samsung Communications Centre can help you to make the right choice for your specific business needs so that you can benefit from the productivity benefits of using a wireless headset within your office.