CCTV for Checkout and Service Counter

 CCTV for use at Checkouts and Service Counters

Security cameras at checkouts and customer service counters where money changes hands can assist businesses and save costs. For example:

  1. CCTV camera systems or a well positioned security camera above cash points and checkouts reduce internal theft by employees as their activities are clearly visible.
  2. Video footage synchronized with POS data from the checkout or til can save you time in locating evidence in the event of an incident of internal theft.


CCTV at checkouts using a security camera linked to a POS systems

Benefits to CCTV at Checkouts and Service Counters

  1. Compact Dome Security Cameras at checkouts are aesthetically pleasing security solution and provide clear images of employees, even in poor light conditions.
  2. Dome Security Cameras at checkouts are high in quality, compact in size, use less power consumption, low in price, and cost effective.
  3. Hallway view mode and lens distortion correction for a better view of checkout lanes
  4. 4/8/16 channel POE embedded network recorders to reduce installation costs
  5. POS integration to assist with detecting internal theft and fraud
  6. Built in microphone for better remote monitoring