CCTV for Use at Entrances and Signage

CCTV Use in Entrances and Exits Provides Valuable Data To Your Business

Security cameras cleverly positioned at the entrances and signage points of a retail outlet can have more than one use case. For example:

  1. A well placed CCTV Security Camera positioned at the entrance and exit of a retail premise or business can deter shoplifting and internal theft as the perpetrators are in clear view of the CCTV camera upon entry and exit and can be clearly identified in the event of an incident. A security camera can help to identify a suspect with clear visual evidence should it be required for follow-up and prosecution so it is possible that a potential thief would think twice before stealing.

  2. People counting and heat mapping at entrances and exits can provide some clear insights on your business prospects and what attracts a customer into your business to allow better window displays and positioning of stock.

Security cameras for use at entrances and exits for CCTV


Benefits to CCTV

  1. Full HD Security Cameras provide clear images of customers, even in poor light conditions.
  2. Video footage from your CCTV security camera can be used in conjunction with your public view monitor.
  3. People counting platforms and heat mapping give you reliable data on what is working for your business and what is not.
  4. Covert cameras are available to provide clear identification - these can be positioned in places such as door jams.
  5. Fisheye CCTV security cameras provide panoramic images of entrance and exit areas.