Samsung DVR SRD 440


SRD 440

4CH H.264 Premium Digital Video Recorder DVR


Easy and Convenient - Compact 4CH H.264 DVR

When installing CCTV systems, the SRD-440 is newly released 4CH compact DVR Recorder which provides both high functionalities for professional security and enhanced user interface. As well as the ability to record real-time images across all four channels at CIF resolution, the SRD-440 also affords the user the opportunity to record in resolutions up to 4-CIF over selected channels. Easy GUI (Graphical User Interface) provides convenient operation for setting, recording, and a set of search & playback functions. 4CH live monitoring through Smartphone is also possible with Samsung iPOLiS application. With 500GB on-board storage as standard and with a built-in USB slot for quick and easy video back-up, the SRD-440 features high level H.264 compression to ensure superb picture quality whilst minimising hard drive space and bandwidth requirements. The SRD-440 is the ideal recording solution for users looking to match economy with professional performance and it is suitable for applications such as monitoring small offices and retail outlets.

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Samsung DVR SRD-440 for CCTV

 DVR Recorder Features

  • Up to 120 (NTSC) /100 (PAL)fps recording rate at CIF resolution
  • Full 4CIF resolution recording support
  • 500GB HDD Supports
  • De-Interlace
  • 1ch audio inputs and 1ch audio outputs
  • Video (H.264) / Audio (G.711)
  • Smart phone, CMS Compatibility

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