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CS510 Wireless Headsets

Premium Wireless Headset (Cordless Headset) 

CS510 Wireless Headset  

A premium cordless headset that features high quality wideband audio and wireless headset mobility.


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Remote lifter for wireless headsets

Remote Handset Lifter

Savi HL10 

A Remote handset lifter that connects a variety office phones for use with cordless headsets.


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CS540 Wireless Headsets

Lightweight, Stylish Wireless Headset 

CS540 Cordless Headset  

The CS540 cordless headset is a comfortable, stylish and lightweight wireless headset.


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 CS530 Wireless Headsets

Multitask Cordless Headset

CS530 Wireless Headset  

The CS530 wireless headset is a stylish long distant cordless headset with a guaranteed power efficiency for powerful wireless headset capabilities.


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 GN920 Wireless Headsets

Affordable Wireless Headset (Cordless Headset) 

GN920 Wireless Headset 

The GN920 headset is the simple, professional and affordable way to go wireless. It is a professional entry-level headset that offers all the essential features of a wireless headset in a simple design at an attractive price point. 


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 GN1000 wireless handset lifter

Remote Handset Lifter


With the wireless handset lifter, you will be able to answer calls away from your desk by pressing the answer button on the headset. 


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To increase mobility and productivity in providing services, you may need to invest in business wireless headsets for your staff. There are many types of cordless headsets that you can use within your business and you need to choose the one that suits your business needs best. Some options are Corded Headsets or Cordless / Wireless Headsets but wireless headsets are vastly becoming more popular because of the flexibility and mobility that they offer.

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