Key Benefits of Samsung Wireless LAN Solution

  Key Benefits

 WLAN Wireless Enterprise Solution 
Samsung air equaliser

Air Equaliser

Samsung Wireless LAN technology ensures a fully optimised Wi-Fi service by allocating equal airtime to multiple devices. This technology guarantees airtime fairness when multiple devices are concurrently connected to an access point. It also delivers seamless Wi-Fi service, even in an environment where devices with different traffic demands and capabilities are used.

Samsung AirMove


Samsung AirMove technology applies the handover methodology used within LTE mobile communications to deliver seamless roaming. Timing and choice of access point is determined centrally by the Access Point Controller (APC) which has a full picture of device activity and adjacent AP loading. 

*Requires additional elements

Samsung wireless solution

Intelligent Beam Selectable Antenna (IBSA)

Samsung's 3x3 access point features 14 antennas - two are used for RF monitoring and the remaining antennas  provide an optimised RF pattern selecting a beam for each environment. With these antennas, you can minimise dead areas and expand service coverage. 

Samsung wireless enterprise

Self Organising Network (SON)

By using techniques developed for the LTE network, Samsung Wireless LAN solution enhances the standard Wi-Fi access point Tx power and channel optimisation technology. This technology automatically optimises the cell configuration and coverage, considering individual device characteristics within the environment. Samsung Wireless LAN solution shortens the time required for network design, reducing implementation costs, and also delivers high level of RF quality management when the network is in use. 

Samsung voice aware traffic scheduling

Voice Aware Traffic Scheduling (VaTS)

Samsung's patented technology, Voice Aware Traffic Scheduling (VaTS), efficiently sends Voice Frames to multiple devices using mobile communication traffic scheduling technology developed for LTE network. The result is that increasing the number of concurrent calls will not degrade voice quality, increasing the effective capacity of the network. 


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