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Samsung Galaxy Note 

The GALAXY Note 10.1 combines technology and smart thinking to boost productivity and performance across a wide range of sectors. Measuring 10.1 inches it contains a split-screen facility to enable a true multi-tasking approach to work, by allowing users to simultaneously run two programs.

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Optimised productivity with Samsung Galaxy Note 

Optimised Productivity

The GALAXY Note 10.1 is designed to optimise productivity in the workplace. It contains a split-screen facility which displays two applications simultaneously, thus giving professionals the freedom to seamlessly move between e-mail, Polaris Office, S Note, Web Browser, Video Player and Gallery. The 10.1-inch screen and Exynos Quad-core processor create abundant space and power to support a multi-tasking approach to work. Dual tasks such as searching for data on the Internet whilst creating a document can be carried out with minimised interruption to focus and workflow. In addition, transposition errors are minimised when checking reference material or sets of data, thus allowing for greater accuracy.
 Efficiency with Samsung Galaxy Note

Enhanced Efficiency and Professionalism

Accuracy is a key feature of the S Pen which utilises over 1000 sensitivity levels to enable handwriting to be more precisely transcribed. It combines with the S Note to allow business users to record ideas, thoughts and notes and share them almost instantaneously without the need for deciphering or reformatting. Productivity and standards of professionalism are further enhanced by the wide range of templates incorporated into S Note. Including Document, Meeting Minutes and Idea Note, they enable high-quality multi-media documents to be easily produced in a consistent and timely manner across all areas of an organisation.
Business Educational solutions with Samsung Galaxy Note  

Business Educational Solutions

The GALAXY Note 10.1 includes access to an educational hub to increase expertise through ongoing training and self-driven learning. Using the advanced technology supplied by the Samsung Smart School Solution enables educational institutions to build interactive learning environments and to better manage the curriculum. The technology helps businesses to create tailored training programmes to develop employees’ competency in areas ranging from language proficiency to sector- or company-specific skills and knowledge. The Samsung Learning Hub is a highly flexible training solution that increases a company’s edge by empowering and motivating business professionals.
 Optimised File Sharing Efficiency with Samsung Galaxy Note

Optimised File Sharing Efficiency

This note comes preloaded with Dropbox storage for improved work efficiency through easy file sharing and storage on cloud. This ensures users can access data at any time from multiple devices anywhere in the world. The high level of security and abundant storage capacity allows large amounts of information to be safely shared between colleagues and business partners. Security is further enhanced by automatic synchronisation, thus ensuring regular back-up of all data is carried out.
Enhanced Security with Samsung Galaxy Note 

Enhanced Security

With the rapidly increasing reliance on electronically-transmitted information, security is of paramount importance and the GALAXY Note 10.1 addresses this through its enhanced safety features. Accessed via the World's Leading Security package, it enables IT personnel to remotely manage mobile business devices, including settings and deployment, in an integrated manner. Monitoring compliance with company usage policy is made easier and more straightforward. Encryption of devices further strengthens security, and in the case of any data loss, your business is protected from leakage of sensitive information.
Mobile Solutions with Samsung Galaxy Note 

Mobile Solutions For A Motivated Workforce

This notebook allows both a personal and corporate profile to operate simultaneously in isolated containers using market-leading virtualization solutions. Your company data and applications are completely isolated from the user’s personal information which eliminates any security concerns. This gives business professionals the freedom to use their mobile device of choice, increasing both motivation and productivity. The result is a highly mobile and incentivised workforce with minimised investment and risk of data leakage.

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