WiseNet Lite Features

 Samsung WiseNet Lite

1. Hallway View for Monitoring Vertical Shaped Areas 

Traditional video captures unnecessary edges on vertical areas such as corridors, hallways, tunnels, or aisles, causing bandwidth with storage waste. By utilising the camera's hallway view mode, 3:4 and 9:16 aspect ratios, images are created vertically, maximising the image quality in narrow situations. 

Samsung WiseNet Lite Hallway View Mode

2. Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) Minimises Image Distortion

Lens Distortion typically appears in videos causing straight lines close to the edge to curve outwards. With Lens Distortion Correction technology, available on the WiseNet Lite series, imperfections in images are easily repaired. 

Samsung WiseNet Lite LDC

3. Specialised for Small to Medium Sized Applications

Samsung WiseNet Lite series is ideal for small to medium sized applications. 

  • Using WiseNet Lite CCTV cameras and NVR with PoE together creates a network solution that saves installation time and cost
  • Install cameras on entrance/lobbies, parking lots, elevators, hallways, aisles and more. This professional surveillance camera will enable you to create a secure environment meeting your needs

Samsung WiseNet Lite features

4. Specialised for Small to Medium Sized Applications

Samsung WiseNet Lite allows up to 3 types of video profiles in different resolutions, framerate, and compression. Profiles can be viewed live, mobile or recorded. 

3 Types of video profiles with Wise Net Lite

5. Edge Storage Supported

Make your security system simple and cost-effective by recording videos directly onto a micro SD/SDHC memory card and Network Attached Storage Device. 

6. Audio Function Supported

Enabling audio through the built-in mic (indoor cameras) and line-in (outdoor cameras) functions enhances security.

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